what is wisdom - if it is not seen?
what is beauty - if it is not shared?

LIFETIME is a global project of conceptual and experiential art, based on sensitive, authentic portraits of people from different continents, religions, and social backgrounds:
  • who accept and transform challenges or limitations into possibilities for personal growth and learning.
  • who dare to ask inconvenient questions, search for answers, and overtake responsibility for social-, and ecological fairness, as well as for peace.
  • who dedicate their lives to creativity, joy, beauty and share their visions in being an inspiration to others.
LIFETIMEPROJECT, or – the dream of a global council of ‘elders’ is an invitation to a dialog of generations, about preserving traditions, passing on knowledge, and developing new strategies for our future – by respectfully cooperating, sharing, and learning from each other – with tolerance, playful curiosity and openness.

photography, videos: ansgar pudenz
concept, interviews, realization: yris kayser
LIFETIMEPROJECT copyright © 2013 yris kayser.
all rights reserved.
contact: +49-173-393.55.69 or email: yriskayser@aol.com